May 212018

Dr. Dan (Nielsen) brought the first UNYKA meeting in two years to order and the excitement that the club is back and active was palpable.  Thirteen new and former members gathered in New Berlin, NY to kick things off.  The business meeting lasted for about two hours and the New York Pizzaria filled everyones stomachs.

Among the topics discussed were ‘the future’ of UNYKA, Monthly meetings  and setting up dues, in-club auctions and programs for the meetings.  Dan was recognized as the president of UNYKA and Mary Teelin is acting as secretary.  Scott Schlueter accepted the job of treasurer and Tom Grady will handle correspondance and the website/facebook.

The gathered group decided UNYKA will meet 8 times a year – from April through November and not hold meetings during the bad weather months of December through March.  Meetings are planned to be held at Mi Casa Restaurant in Utica, NY.

Several members expressed interest in going to Killie Klash in Pennsylvania in September as well as some other shows and auctions.

Scott Schlueter will work on getting Non-For Profit (501c) status set up for the club.  Tom Grady will arrange for a program at the June meeting.

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