Nov 272020

Just a reminder that UNYKA has planned a ZOOM meeting for Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 7:00PM. I will send out the info on connecting on the mail list. If anyone outside of UNYKA wished to join, contact me at tom@trgrady.com .

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Apr 292019

UNYKA will hold its monthly meeting in conjunction with the yard sale of all of the late Dr. Dan’s fish room equipment.  There is a ton of stuff available including tanks, filters and everything fish related. 

The sale and meeting will begin at 11am on Route 8 in New Berlin NY.  Parking at the bottom of the hill will supplemented by busing to reach the area of the equipment sale.  There is simply not enough room to park in the yard.  Parking will be in the dirt lot next to a small diner across from the street from New Berlin Veterinary Hospital/large field.

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Feb 232019

FEB. 23, 2019 – Upstate New York Killifish Association has scheduled its first meeting of 2019 for March 3rd at Casa Too Mucha in Utica, NY.  The meeting is scheduled to start at Noon.  Attendees will purchase their own food/drinks.


13 Genesee St
New Hartford
NY 13413

Members of the club will be discussing several topics including the upcoming conventions for the Northeast Council and the American Killifish Association.  

Anyone interested in Killifish (or the tropical fish hobby) is welcome at the meeting.


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Jun 242018

 The next meeting of Upstate New York Killifish Association is set for July 8th in the Utica, NY region.  We will be meeting at Noon in our regular spot: Casa Too Mucha, 13 Genesee St, New Hartford, NY.  Members are responsible for their own meals (via the restaurant’s menu).  There will be a program and an auction at this meeting.

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Jun 072018

UNYKA held a regular meeting June 3rd to initiate the process of fully reactivating the club by appointing officers to oversee the group.  Several topics of discussion were brought forward.

Dr. Dan Nielsen was appointed as President.
Len Futterman accepted the post of Interim Vice President.
Mary Teelin became the Secretary for UNYKA.
Scott Schlueter is now the Treasurer.

Tom Grady was appointed to run the website and act as correspondence secretary.

The club is now in the process of creating a new set of Bylaws and will  be applying for an EIN and 401c Tax Exempt status.  Scott Schlueter is in charge of the process.

Dues have been set at $15 per person or $18. for a family.

UNYKA will meet on the first Sunday of each month unless otherwise designated (holidays, etc.) except for December through March.   The next meeting is July 1st at Casa Too Mucha in New Hartford NY (Utica)

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May 312018

It’s only been a couple weeks since we last met, but Upstate NY Killifish Association is scheduled to meet this Sunday (June 3rd) at noon in the Casa Too Mucha, 13 Genesee St, New Hartford, NY.  This is a popular Tex Mex place where we can hold our regular meetings for the next few months.  

The business part of the meeting should be short since we met a couple weeks ago.

There will be a program on New Killies in the Hobby.  We also plan to have an auction, so feel free to bring any fish, plants, what have you.

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May 212018

Dr. Dan (Nielsen) brought the first UNYKA meeting in two years to order and the excitement that the club is back and active was palpable.  Thirteen new and former members gathered in New Berlin, NY to kick things off.  The business meeting lasted for about two hours and the New York Pizzaria filled everyones stomachs.

Among the topics discussed were ‘the future’ of UNYKA, Monthly meetings  and setting up dues, in-club auctions and programs for the meetings.  Dan was recognized as the president of UNYKA and Mary Teelin is acting as secretary.  Scott Schlueter accepted the job of treasurer and Tom Grady will handle correspondance and the website/facebook.

The gathered group decided UNYKA will meet 8 times a year – from April through November and not hold meetings during the bad weather months of December through March.  Meetings are planned to be held at Mi Casa Restaurant in Utica, NY.

Several members expressed interest in going to Killie Klash in Pennsylvania in September as well as some other shows and auctions.

Scott Schlueter will work on getting Non-For Profit (501c) status set up for the club.  Tom Grady will arrange for a program at the June meeting.

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May 092018

The reorganization meeting for UNYKA is planned for Sunday, May 20th at noon in New Berlin, NY.

The meeting will be at Frankies Pizza on Route 8 (center of town).  Members will be able to purchase food from the restaurant.

Planned discussion topics will include future meeting details, auction and general killie talk.

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Jun 182017

JUNE 17, 2017 – A small group of UNYKA members came together over the weekend and decided to re-activate the club which had become inactive over the past couple of years.  Dr. Dan Nielsen, Len Futterman, Mary Teelin and Tom Grady discussed the future of the club and decided to hold a reformation meeting July 16 in New Berlin, NY.  Although nothing has been decided about the future plans of UNYKA, the group felt a modified form of NorthEast Weekend could be  a possibility.  

If anyone is interested in joining UNYKA, contact Tom at killienutz@killienutz.com.  

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