Upstate New York Killifish Association was formed in the early 1990s by Carl Petersen and Jeff Bilbrough to bring together killifish hobbyists from throughout central and northern New York State.

UNYKA has hosted three American Killifish Association (AKA) national conventions and a dozen Northeast Weekend (NEW) regional shows and auctions.

Dr. Dan Nielsen is the current chairman of the club.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in killifish.  There are no dues to be a member, but attendance determines whether or not a member remains in an active status.  The membership is accessed on an annual basis.

Meetings begin at 12-Noon generally in the homes of members or a selected location.  Gatherings consist of a short business meeting and then a program or roundtable discussion.  Lunch is usually provided by the member. 

UNYKA holds internal auctions at regular meetings and all members are urged to participate.  Currently the vendor of the bag of fish/live foods/etc/ receives full bid compensation, but if there is a need the board can change the percentage to the vendor/club.

Contact: Tom Grady killienutz@killienutz.com


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